JEG’s Commercial Services takes care of all aspects of channel management including: account and electronic integration, product listing, product content optimization and cross channel pricing management.

Main activities:

  • Channel management: Set accounts and transaction integration.
  • Product catalog management: Manage product pages in the marketplace.
  • Cross-channel inventory management: Allow sales to any channel with one central inventory.
  • Cross-channel price management: Eliminate price erosion resulting from automatic price matching.
  • Channel marketing tools use and sales optimization: in-channel marketing advice and coordination.
  • Product launch coordination: Manage e-commerce product launch schedule.


Our Enhanced 3PL service, ensures optimal product availability, fast order management, prompt shipments and efficient management of returned products.

Main activities:

  • In-bound receiving: Receive, inspect for quantity/quality and put away.
  • Storage: Storage, counting and moving.
  • Product kitting: virtual and physical bundle management, re-packaging and product re-configuration.
  • Order fulfillment: Pick, pack, and ship.
  • Return management: RMA management, Receiving, inspection and testing. Refurbishing, re-package and downgrade.
  • Customer service and refund. Warranty support


Our traditional distribution business buys and sells high volume electronics and accessories.